OECD Selects Best Projects from PISA4U

Teachers collaborate online to address student motivation and 21st century skills – teams will present their findings at the OECD in Paris.

Paris / Lüneburg, 16 August 2017

The OECD announces the best projects submitted through the PISA4U online programme – those from team “Bridge Builders” and team “Pisa4you#GLNChallenge”. PISA4U - administered for OECD by CANDENA GmbH - connects educators globally, allowing them to share practical knowledge and develop meaningful solutions for challenges in education today. Both teams will be invited to the OECD in Paris to discuss their solutions.

After its successful launch on 16 March 2017, the programme involved over 2 000 participants from 171 countries. In teams of six educators, the participants worked online for a period of four months to identify a pressing challenge in education. Each team then conceived, developed, tested and published a new teaching resource to show how innovative teaching in the classroom could contribute to the resolution of the challenge. The lack of student motivation, disciplinary issues, parental involvement, fostering 21st century skills, and technology in the classroom were the most pressing challenges that participants identified. All teaching resources developed by PISA4U can be accessed for free use in classrooms from www.pisa4u.org.

The PISA4U community then pre-selected the most relevant resources that addressed real-world problems, with OECD’s PISA team ultimately selecting the best projects. The two teams who developed the selected projects are comprised of educators from Australia, Belgium, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Romania, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Andreas Schleicher, OECD Director for the Directorate of Education and Skills, explains: “PISA4U is an important initiative to empower PISA with the condensed practical experiences of a vivid global teaching community. Seeing the quality and breadth of the end products this large and diverse group has made available to educators globally is encouraging, and an inspiration to all of us in the PISA Team.”

PISA4U was made possible thanks to the support of the Hewlett Foundation, Deutsche Telekom Stiftung, America Achieves. Teach for All, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, the Northwest Evaluation Association and Edmodo. It has been conceptually designed, implemented and administered by CANDENA GmbH.